3 Jan 2008

(a particular stroke)
loiter in the debris of enchantement ruined palace
diamond dust on our hands penetrating the cornea
in a spiral space stark sequence of stances
enchantment fragments of the scoffed diamond
to enter the spiral sequence space from 460 entries
Perhaps this is the best place for a moment, but you have to overcome your fear of
ongoing skin tears running down my cheek cutting cellophane
corpses as present tense in surfaces enamelled oily iridiscence
stars casing to fuse a layer of glass onto glass
as though gliding through water to execute
molten glass as a showcase for the hierarchy Stars
the different properties of color contrast swan water to run through the glider
amber fluid tracing the sky is dark orange liquid radiation monitoring of vessels
twinkling as twilight severs the twins twisting membranes
the surface of the bodies tense and fraught
Mucosa twins started as a bright twilight
a portrait of solitude this fugue heels ring stranged
the body of the vehicle after the accident,
aftermath of car crash carcass lover
took in the wreckage on our hands penetrate cornea
space In the vortex of flagrant attitudes
Stars Covers Fuse to a layer of glass on glass
as if gliding through the implementation of water
molten glass as a model in the hierarchy of Stars
different characteristics of color contrast Swan water management through a glider
Amber liquid tracking sky dark means of radiation monitoring of vessels
scintillation also interrupt the twilight reeling
Surface bodies and fraught with tension
Mucosa twins also began a picture of isolation in the wake of the loss of memory that
body of the car after the incident,
Following a car accident corpse a bright twilight
In the rubble of the ruined palace
We cornea through the hands of diamond dust
Space series in a whirlwind of apparent attitude
Fragments diamond sahar
Spiral Series 460 entries go into space
My tears down the cheeks of ongoing work cellophane skin
As a body of the current tense
Hughes stars on the cover glass to glass
Like water through implementation of the glide
Molten glass model of the hierarchy of stars
Swan color contrast through the characteristics of different water management, glider
Dark amber liquid orange sky means of tracking radiation monitoring ships
Twilight also interrupt film scintillation reeling Twins
Surface bodies and fraught with tension
The twins began lining of the bright twilight
Isolation in the wake of the photographs, memory loss, the ring
after the incident Habib corpse following car accident obviously
Sahar diamond fragment
I tear down the cheeks of the ongoing work of cellophane skin
Perhaps this is the best place, in this moment,
Hughes stars on the cover glass, a glass
As a body of the current tension safe
Like water through the implementation of the glider
Molten glass model hierarchy stars
Swan contrast, through the characteristics of different water management, glider
Dark yellow liquid orange sky radiation monitoring means of tracking ships
Old age, but also interrupt the film flashes Reeling twins
Surface groups with tension Twins started lining bright dawn
After the separation in the photographs, memory loss, rings
The agency's vehicle after the accident, Habib body following

Spiral 460 series works, into space
( 1


cocaine jesus said...

holy fuck. hard to know where to begin with this superb piece. almost impossible not to praise it too lavishly. like the lines "cheek cutting cellophane" and "swan water to run through the glider amber fluid".

impressive stuff lazare.

Inconsequential said...


much better than my feeble offerings :)

Something to aspire to...

Lazare said...

please inc. ... that's simply not true.

but thank you both a lot. glad you enjoyed it.

murmurists said...

I agree. Love this work, Lazare. Can't believe that English is not your first language. Subtle and intelligent use imagery, alliteration, rhyme, anti-rhyme. I get no cohesive overall narrative; the piece itself falling into shards of lovely lines. Isthat your intention?

In my opinion, Discharge has never been better than lately. I'm proud to be a part. Great stuff on here.

Lazare said...

thanks a lot murmurists.

well, i do use a dictionary sometimes, when i can't get a word right, but mostly it's direct to english.

as for what my intention is... mostly what comes to my mind when writing a piece are dreamlike images i try to describe. the aim is to convey images with words. but then they are more or less dissolved in the process through translation, editing... i use the same devices as on "translated text" but applied to different material. that's what brings about the repetitions and creates new figures; it makes it more interesting, but more fractured at the same time.

narrative wise, some pieces are more cohesive than others. sometimes i'd like them to be more so, but then i think it would be less evocative, poorer that way. i don't know, because they're not even that deliberate. semi-automatic writing, i'd say.

i think the pieces are like a game, in which you are presented with a series of images, or let's say, i gave you 4 or 5 photographs: you might try to come up with a narrative, or just look at them, or wonder about them, whatever.

the process of trying to form a narrative out of fragments or out of enigmatic images or words and its falling apart is very interesting to me. building (chunks of) sense and destroying it at the same time - that'd be something i'd like to achieve. providing elements for semiotic play.

well, i don't know if i'm bringing my point across quite clearly, but just some thoughts on what i'm trying to do - hope you find them of interest.

thanks againg for your praise and attention.

Robert said...

this ripped apart my afternoon!


Lazare said...

thank you, thank you rob lol!

when's that starfish coming up?