5 Jan 2008

night friday fright night

as soon as it rose it felt like a knife pierced his bark cerebral cortex, squashy mushy mess all over it's kitchen.

The man had fun riding in pale streets and visiting snuff porn therapy

The adrenaline kicked in and he could no longer indulge in bettle wersaw, evangelistic telepractor.

it ended up stashed inside a fishtank, with chemical inferior waist producing ions. or retons.

it's vision swayed up, it coated it's eyes with petroleum goolash, a side dish of moonlightrivters,

silver, it was like raining and it corpulent. finding this way across the plate, 'screeeetch' caw the clawing at a tightrope cet chine,

after drooping drip toes, his spine became a wavelength to his sexual climb.

and couldn't pick of a tool, to evolve: male model (pg. 176)

swiping white flesh fish, anthroids, aphids, and filthy kozmanot.


cocaine jesus said...

hallowed be thy name. thy kingdom come.

cocaine jesus said...


cocaine jesus said...

finger food for image sensory