13 Jan 2008

My eyes hurt again, my skin lids flicking open and shut. The silence was starting to get to me. This fuckin bullshit he bellows. Wire and vibrations a stream of noise that not many other people I know appreciate. So I make them suffer it from time to time. Especially if they are strangers. I have little patients for them. Yesterday was a hard day. Not like concrete of diamonds. More like a test, a trial, maybe a dialog I completely misinterpreted. Sometimes it is easy not to listen, and sometimes it is easy to ignore the facts. Sometimes waiting is all it takes to kill something. I wish to start an army, a legion of many. My dream is hard, very much like concrete or diamond. The destination that I mapped out a long time ago is closer then it ever has been. I am not talking about suicide. I am talking about the life I want.

Underneath the sink I think we have some cobwebs, dust balls, mold, maybe even some fungus. It seems odd that that is the place to keep the cleaning products.

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