23 Jan 2008

just take it.

this is the distance spent looking across from you in isolation.
the lovely furnace of a habitat, frequently located outside of itself in longing.
The known length of my generosity, lent to fools according to gravity.
My shes ever so impenetrable. Shes my ever so impenetrable bubble.
Flammable bubble. Damn you bubble, I demand more. Never gonna
get enough of the equator, it doesn't make sense. I can warm my
hands on your breast from here. That was a rumor yesterday. Today it correlates with myth.
Tomorrow its more of a secret. And from then on it's an ingrained belief.
The type of thing you get for no good reason other than having thoughts about thinking.
The side of yourself you are blind to. No mirror could comprehend. The picture your eyes deny.
Effortlessly your excrement, tied me to the cause you created. Your mind was a terrible thing to waste.
Color me in. Stay in the lies. Stain the likes. Blaim the lights. Brand me brand new.
This is the blues. Before it runs out. Captain of a one eyed vehicle. Carrier of canned goods.
Time has it's own escape plan. Get yours. I know my way out of here. The rest of you were blindfolded i
believe. Escape pods had their doubts. It is as you can expect. She is desirable
And I above all, having vision attached, am aimed at her crafted matter.
For the most part, I obstruct an obstacle, and petrude, obtuse forms of technology taken
from before the time of distance and spaces between innumerable objects.


cocaine jesus said...

this is awonderous and beautiful piece of work. lovely lines that flow with their own beat.

Robert said...

absolutely inspirational Jaie

im off to write now, so you just KNOW ill be taking this one with me to that place i go to when i write :)