1 Jan 2008

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18th May 1980. You are, say, Paul-Morley-for-a-day reading this; you are, say, Paul-Morley-Tributeman. As such, circa-think the following, please, as an ante-contribution only, please....

1. Dandruff of the Orator

No doubt it has always been this way: an act narrated no longer, declared, finalised. But why act directly when anything can function as a practical symbol for this clammy disconnection? The voice occurs - that is true; but it loses itself when writing begins. There is little sense to this phenomenon in any of its variations; yet, its inevitability is assumed as proof of a kind of super nature in every case. The voice is ineluctably figural, a figurative product, figuratively produced. Our society demotes such empiricism despite this, however. Because of this, all the discoveries of the voice make their appearance, unprestigiously and individuatedly, underpersonified, in an illogical, lazy literature which culminates nowhere. No ideology can suffer such attachments. Of greatest importance is the reign of history, the very consciousness of man. We must unite the 'found' of so-called 'ordinary culture' - without the tyranny and vice of personal taste - with what can be practically reified from the voice itself.

In short, what one might term, an objectified oral culture is proposed.

Come forward and confide in us.

petScannr. & Newse

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