20 Jan 2008

By now, I am a woman with a husband. Outside of this, there is extremity. Here, we both live my life within my home. Every need prompts another in him. I have no command which ensures anything useful, but I am endlessly followed. No high standards are maintained. I have, though, exacting ways toward my husband. I see early signs of no rest for the wicked, but progress has been relatively easy. I am not looking for formality or direction; but I am looking for any other exchange. For my part, I offer an array of experiences, methods, and modes of thinking. It isn't plain sailing, however; and I feel I am becoming my own vice. Please help. If there are any approachers on this site - ie. wives, girlfriends - do associate yourselves. I will only reply to your messages. Could you provide a description of your situation? Thanks & best wishes


murmurists said...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007
even the comments on discharge are art

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Dr Anthony Donovan said...
trope of sealight
visioning oughter
audit scene
configure slaughter
attack iraq /express as coalition
ban iran /express as coalition
smear n korea /express as coalition
scam sudan /express as coalition
breaks baby bone
village shop
and mobile-phone
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as expected
perp leaves

12:05 PM

Dr Anthony Donovan said...

12:05 PM

Dr Anthony Donovan said...
Arve Henriksen Quartet SOS

12:06 PM

Dr Anthony Donovan said...
Derek Bailey's right arm

12:06 PM

Cocaine Jesus said...
hannibal lecters half blood mud blood brood bruv.

12:06 PM

Cocaine Jesus said...

o vilcum bick

12:07 PM

Dr Anthony Donovan said...
!desc nick
i,m [sic]
of dedication

12:08 PM

Dr Anthony Donovan said...
o executioneers

sing horror to your soul

2 PARAphrase, bing bang bang


cartoon killing spreee o n o

12:10 PM

Cocaine Jesus said...
dead -
leads to villification.
lunacy by degree's
you have degree's?
A's O's and...
i digress
by degree's

12:12 PM

Dr Anthony Donovan said...
we're not singing till to stop


sing till you dropenshopenhaur

[when they spoke they spoke with knives] [holy six nations] [isle b chad] [isreal in africa] [loose cannnnnnnnonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnsssssss, losing] [not an animal]

12:13 PM

Dr Anthony Donovan said...
ARTAUD or death

12:13 PM

Dr Anthony Donovan said...
middleground. acid.

we will eat you up

12:14 PM

Dr Anthony Donovan said...

12:14 PM

Cocaine Jesus said...
Death in vegas
Darth vada
Dearth of ideas like autumn leaves
Flippin’ heck
(auto systematic bleeding)

12:16 PM

Dr Anthony Donovan said...
ERA 404. a Metheny excision, on queue-esque-basis, as deaf god-u-like. Ilk-u-r sounds like lynch the poet to us. Tighten. Tighten.

Site of Scaffold. An attenuated Quang Duc and a Meat is Murder badge on a leather coat.

Race her to your bed. She will be two nail despite. Behind her password, you will be flailing, penis-failing.





12:26 PM

posted by cocaine jesus

cocaine jesus said...

truly excellent on both he post and the comment thingy.