7 Jan 2008

bch lod

i fold my future into swift compass points.
an oily rag flaps with wind driven ecstasy.
smoke rises from the heathen boulders.
brash birds litter a beach of dead jelly fish.


Robert said...

im at the public library and heathen boulders made me laff out loud and now everybody is looking at me like im nuts

i LOVE when that happens

it's one of the reasons i read strange poetry in public :)

love the visual thingy too!

cocaine jesus said...

wish i could make a HUGE cock syuddenly appear on your screen then...that would raise a smile!

Aaron Held said...

The image looks scrumptious(must be the color, your lines are short but sweet i cant get enough of this stuff.

cocaine jesus said...

it will sound pretentious of me but what i have been trying to do of late on my site is to create something very much of my own. a hybrid of haiku (with its minimalist approach) meets basho meets beefheart. i call it minima-B. not sure if i found something a little different but hey, i am trying.

Aaron Held said...

hey thats a cool idea!

Robert said...

HUGE cock always makes me smile

amongst other things :D


you may be interested in other people trying to do things differently with the old haiku form