16 Jan 2008

{anti climax}

high on the ceiling height of luxury
sleepwalker walks backwards devolving his task of walking during sleep walking back to his transfer to disappear
breaking the backbone of the night
courtains into the breathing room
horses galloping dissolve the black dusk of skeleton trees into the frost wild galloping horse BREAK black dusk skeleton trees in the frost
the tight rope approaches the windowpane broken glass cuts
the numb hand arises into standing time of the dream emerging point miss at the time are still standing
whistle bullets through walls
bury me in cristal circuit broken lightbulbs blanket of cutters
the mirror does not recognize itself
arousal as the touch of your hand arose excitement as your hand
a Sagittarius a sweet tune arch memory of ashes
here we enter the voices of the dead stare escape entering desertion gazing the deceased air
gathered eyes ice embers asleep collected to replace the fading
reflection dying into the night never to be relieved
inversion die in the night never to be excused
the moon of the eclipse
let the halo of breath barely tarnish the clear transparency
as i fall down the window into amnesiac weapons
the moisture of skin odour eviscerating darkness

High ceiling height of luxury
All backward decentralization, and his mandate at the head sleep walk back to his transfer to disappear
Break the backbone of the night
Breathing space to
gallop dissolution of the black skeleton tree into the evening frost wild galloping horse breaking black frost in the evening skeleton tree
tight time schedule, the rope close to the panes of broken glass layoffs
the numbness in the hands of the dream of a permanent time, the new Miss point was still standing committee
whistle bullets through walls
King Chu Doffs His Armour ridge off the circuit closest to the sun blanket Tool
The mirror and does not recognize its own
Awakening to touch your hands have excited, because your hands
A Sagittarius A sweet memory for the ashes of arch
Here, we enter the voice of death focused on the escape of air into the abandoned staring deceased
Yujin ice accumulation eyes asleep collection, to replace fading
Reflection dyeing late into the night, never to be relieved
Inversion died in the night never be forgiven
The eclipse of the moon
Let HALO breath barely tarnished clarity
As I fall into the arms window
Water dark skin odor

The higher ceiling height of luxury
All descendants decentralization, and his command of his head
Sleep walking back to disappear and
Break the backbone of the night
Breathing space
Gallop dissolution of the evening's black skeleton of the tree at a gallop
Black frost frost wild horse breaking tree in the evening's skeleton
Tight time schedule is a rope near the glass broken glass layoffs
Numbness in the hands of a dream, time is permanent, the new Miss Point is still standing
Bullets whistle through wall
armour ridge off the circuit, blankets closest to the sun
Miller is not aware of its own
Excited to get in touch awakening your hand
Sagittarius arch sweet memories for the ashes
Here, we enter a voice, concentrated in death
Abandonment of the deceased still air
Eyes ice accumulation asleep collection, to replace fading
Dying reflection until late at night, never relieved
Died that night never allowed reversal
The lunar eclipse
Barely breathe tarnished halo and clarity
I fall into the arms of the window
Dark skin smell of the water


Ruela said...

strong words...always cool

Inconsequential said...

whistle bullets through walls


Those walls, those bullets.
Those games we play amongst them.

Robert said...

incredibly hallucinogenic

yes, always cool

Lazare said...

thanks mates.

lol inc. - spot on.