15 Jan 2008

Anarchist Rantology!

Smash capitalism racism sexism homophobia ableism ageism. Make the world a safe and pleasure-filled place for all humans animals ecosystems. Off the pigs. And with them the entire military industrial prison complex. End all forms of domination poverty hunger oppression boredom submission homelessness exploitation government political parties war. Senseless and gratuitous acts of beauty and kindness every single day. Healthy bodies minds emotions spaces wellness clean air fresh earth untainted food breathing eating feasting feeling good in our own skin. How this relates to the skin lungs feelings bleeding hands of others. Inventing imagining creating experiencing new ways of living in the world new ways of interacting with people new things to do with our days and nights outside of what has been handed down to us by people governments corporations governments institutions we dont respect. Building links relationships networks among friends political allies and ecosystems that are sustainable supportive loving cherishing compassionate long-lasting into the seventh generation and beyond. Autonomous self-determination for all indigenous peoples of the world, the return of all unceded indigenous territories to their rightful owners, an end to the rape and pillage of the land and people by the colonizer. End all forms of imperialism colonialism land occupations genocide. End neo-colonialism, the west's domination of the east, the north's domination of the south, culturally and economically and through war. End internal imperialism, the white's domination of blacks, of indigenous people, of all people of colour. Desiring machines freed from the body without organs roaming spiraling dancing through space time motion light speed stars moons slivers away. Going there. Open all borders, stop racist immigration and deportation policies. empty all refugee camps and build free and decent housing for all people in the world. Empty all jails. Empty all cages of any kind everywhere. Non-monogamy sexual freedom gender freedom queer freedom universities free. Learning to forgive. And to forgive ourselves. Unlearning all the bullshit we have been taught since birth, the things that teach us our place, to whom we must be subjugated, what our sex and gender must be, how we have to organize our lives into alienated heterosexual nuclear families, how we have reproductive freedom polyamory radical monogamy. Creative consensual desiring practices. Radical parenting radical education free schools freedom from work for white male bosses and subject ourselves to their will so that we can cover food rent clothing instead of exploring our hearts desires, instead of learning who we really are and being fulfilled in our personal relationships with each other and the urban and natural worlds around us, and in creativity and the things we build. Unlearning the cycles of abuse that we have grown up with, the anger and violence, the sexual physical emotional psychological traumas we have all been through at various times in our lives, learning not to repeat these behaviours with our friends and allies. Learning to be humble, to accept criticism, to be called on our shit and let people help us unlearn, learn better ways. To be good people. To build strong revolutionary movements so that one day the oppressive structures and systems we now live with will be overthrown and replaced by something better where all people are fulfilled and engaged in creating a positive functional society.


Ruela said...


Robert said...

double yes! :D

murmurists said...

Here here similarly....though there are some forms of Domination and submission I'd like to retain.

Robert said...


what goes on between consenting folk is none of my concern, murmurists, i hear ya there

it's more the institutionalized forms of the above that irk me

*manages a wink while thinking what a smoking hot date murmurists would be*

(i dont mean to be overly provocative, im just having fun...this IS the internet, innit?...but i have to admit just being on a blog where someone could/would even SAY such a thing is so amazing...only on Discharge, i tell you) :D

murmurists said...

lol Nice one, Robert. I'm both deadly-serious and only joking! I hide nothing: D/s is a wonderful thing between consenting, informed persons. When practised in intelligent and adventurous ways, it is as profound and meaningful as any other ideological system. When lived truthfully, there is nothing in it which is discontinuous with or adverse to the best Socialist ideals, either. It is a radical form of equality.

Bullying, though ... yuk: the enemy.

cocaine jesus said...

robert, the one thing that you can be certain of here is that anything goes so be as as provocative as you want!!